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The VLAI protects members’ interests by campaigning for open, competitive and fair legislation and regulation and the membership’s voice is represented on the VLAI council.

If you work in the Fleet Management or Leasing industry the VLAI is your association.

Joining us gives you the credibility of belonging to a professional association, a voice in our lobbying activity and access to a business network of colleagues who are in your industry.

VLAI membership also gives you access to an industry-specific, seminars, meetings and conferences.

Current Council

Name Phone Mobile Email
Michael Hegarty Ex Officio 01-6070336 087 2469852
John Young Treasurer 01-8660520 01 8660520
Nick Byrne 01-4094058 086 6026210
Robert Noone Traction Finance Ltd 01-6012000 087-0541040
Michele Hanlon HB Dennis Leasing Ltd 01-8833200
Ciaran Curran Linders Fleet 01-8648 212  086 262 4524
Morgan McAndrews Fleet Options 01-8162878  087 7980749